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The SOS Hungary Medical Service was established in 1995. The company quickly became the exclusive partner for the biggest travel insurance companies and air ambulance services. As the result of our hard work, today we are the local partner of more than 100 insurance and assistance companies.

The travel insurance companies begun to handle not just medical, but even more technical cases too, which made us to create the another SOS company, which handles the technical cases: the SOS Assistance Hungary Ltd.

Our company group offers a comprehensive assistance service for the tourists, for the foreign employees, and for the insurance companies of the lorries, which are crossing our country.

In 2006 we opened our new alarmcentre and ambulance station, which operates 0-24 with the doctor’s office together, at the same location.

Since 2007 we handle multiple domestic travel insurance assistance cases too.

From 2008, our company won more brand-assistance tenders, including Porsche, MAN, Nissan EV, and Michelin.

In 2009 we built our own home assistance network. We offer quick support, including household appliance repairs, plumbing-, electricity-, heating system maintenance, glazing and locksmith works.

Since 2010 we completely renovated our IT system, what resulted in an excessively reliable, redundant server network. Our partners have access to our own case management software, which makes their work a lot faster and easier, and makes our activity transparent.

2In 2012 we replaced our ambulance- and medical car fleet.


We assisted our partners to invent new insurance modes and projects, by advicing them based on our experiences. With our help they made new forms, new general terms and conditions, new customer service protocols, etc.