7/24 Call Center: +36-1-24-00-475

Medical department – Expatriates

We operate an emergency telephone number, directly dedicated to foreigners, who spend a longer time in Hungary alone, or with their families. Many of them have travel-, or company insurance, but finding a reliable medical provider always has been a difficult issue, especially in an emergency situation.

SOS Hungary is a licensed medical provider with foreign language-speaking colleagues, working 24/7. The quality of our services and medical devices, as well as our medical facility are regularly monitored by our word leading insurance partners. Therefore we provide a high level, fast and reliable medical service, complying with the EU standards.

For this reason, SOS Hungary was selected as a local medical provider by almost all the major insurance companies.

SOS Hungary has a daily working connection from all around the world, with more than 70 insurance and assistance companies. Therefore the medical treatment provided by us can be directly paid by the insurance company.

Our most requested services are

  • Medical visit at the hotel room or at the patient’s home
  • Organising an appointment to a specialist
  • Hospitalisation
  • Ambulance transport

We can offer a multilingual support for the expatriates, for all other type of problems.