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Medical department – Home visit

SOS Hungary Assistance Service SOS fleetThe Hungarian healthcare system is different in many points from the other countries. The majority of the Hungarian hospitals do not have clinical wards for all medical specialities. Many of them neither have an emergency ward, nor a reception facility. Without establishing an initial diagnosis, which would facilitate the choice of a hospital with a suitable clinical ward, the patient can not get a treatment. Therefore the hospitalistaion, as a task, remained the everyday job of our doctors. Moreover, in the case of an emergency treatment (for example as a trauma), the hospitals doing duties in a rotating system. This is the second reason, after the language barrier, which makes it really difficult to find a proper hospital. Therefore it is a much better solution to the patients, to call us, if they need assistance.

If our client calls our alarmcentre, we immediately deploy our doctor on duty, who arrives shortly at the patients home, or hotel room. All of our doctors are well trained, and experienced in the general healthcare, and speak at least two foreign languages.
They make a diagnosis on the spot, and begin the therapy. They have medicines with them, so we can provide the client with the initial doses of the necessary ones, the patients do not need to visit a pharmacy.

If the patient needs hospitalisation, our doctor organises it on the spot. Our doctors know the best on duty facilities, which are the most adequate for the patient. If the client needs an ambulance transport, we can take care of it too.

Meanwhile the medical care, our medical department gets in contact with the client’s insurance company, in order to get the costs covered. In this case the client does not have to pay at all. When the costs are not covered, the client gets an official bill, which can be reclaimed at home.

Our services are only available to our contracted partners, and for clients of our partner insurance companies.