Technical department – Services

Foreigners have to face multiple problems, if their car breaks down. The language barrier is a serious problem itself, but they need a reliable towing service, and a garage, which is open and accepts their car.

Nobody likes to stop during a trip. A rental car in a reliable price would be an ideal option for the tourists if they car breaks down, but usually the deposit is very high. If they choose to get their car repaired, they will need a proper accomodation until it is finished.

The technical department of the SOS Hungary provides solution for those kind of problems. We can send our towing service to the spot. Our towing partners and colleagues are working in a high quality, and are reliable. We can provide rental car, or book accomodation to the clients, if it’s needed. Moreover we monitor the repair, which makes sure that the clients pay the most reasonable price for the work. We can repatriate the car and the passengers too, if its requested.

Our technical department gets in contact with the clients’s insurance company in order to provide technical information about the case. This makes the decision making process of the insurance company much more faster and easier.

Our further technical services

  • tyre service
  • windscreen repair
  • replacement car
  • rental car
  • taxi service
  • hotel reservation
  • spare part delivery
  • spare driver
  • repatriation of the damaged vehicle
  • scrapping with full documentation

SOS Hungary is dealing with more than 100 providers all over Hungary. Our customers can get an immediate help within 60 minutes, anywhere in the country.

Lorry Services

We have a national-wide network of lorry towing providers.
The transport companies can get high penalties, if their truck does not appear at the destination on time.

We can help them avoid these expenses

Our lorry towing provider reaches its destination within one hour. If the cause of the breakdown can be handled on the spot, the truck can continue its trip without losing substantial time. If the problem is more severe, the lorry company can arrange a replacement truck within the shortest time possible, as the diagnostics can be set up on the spot.

We can assist in legal cases too

If the driver needs to pay a penalty for overweight, speeding, or overtaking, we can advance the money to the police department, so the driver can continue his way as soon as possible.

Towing and roadside repair

We offer a 0-24 available assistance service to our partners and customers.

We can offer a guaranteed high quality towing service

  • Due to our dense coverage, our towing provider arrives within 40 minutes on the spot all across Hungary.
  • Our fleet is not just available to tow normal cars, SUV-s, or caravans; we have all the necessary equipment to handle the towing of the special, low rider sports cars.
  • We inspect and train our providers every year.
  • We can arrange hotel, taxi, and/or rental car for the passengers of the broken down car.
Assessor report

We can organise a damage assessment made by an indenpendent expert company in order to precisely determine the damages of a car.

The report is provided with photographs and it is in English language too, which is accepted by the police and by the insurance companies too. In the possession of this document, the insurance company can make the appropriate decisions.


We are able to arrange a fully documented scrapping of the totaled cars.

  • We handle all the documentation
  • monitor the whole process
  • after which the client gets an official declaration of the destruction.