7/24 Call Center: +36-1-24-00-475

Professional Assistance

We are proud of our a well-trained and skilled team who can solve all types of problems that may occur. In our medical facility, you can meet not only the international standards but also one of the highest quality available in Hungary.

24-hour Alarmcentre

Our 24-hour multilingual Alarmcentre staff will provide you the necessary help, be it any medical, technical, legal or travel assistance case. Our office is open for outpatients 24 hours a day, but if it is necessary, we can send a doctor to the spot too.


Our mission

Our mission is to help the tourists, expatriates and all the foreigner and Hungarians on abroad. That’s why our doctors can give you any travel related information or help: from medical advice to vaccination.


Complex Assistance Services

Although SOS Hungary is a medical service mainly with its own staff and emergency vehicles, we soon realized that a complex assistance should include not only medical interventions but roadside technical services, legal assistance and any emergency that might occur during a holiday abroad.

Nationwide Network

We don’t focus on Budapest alone. We have resident doctors and providers in every major town in the country, providing friendly and professional teamwork for you. Thanks to our nationwide network, we provide assistance with a short response time for our clients.

Interntional Network

SOS Hungary is the local partner of more then 101 insurance and assistance companies in Europe and overseas, as well as autoclubs and air ambulance companies. Our invoice is well accepted by them, therefore your expenses will be reimbursed at home.